Company Profile

A home theater can provide countless hours of entertainment for any type of household. It can turn a sleepy TV room into an atmosphere of stunning audio and visual effects comparable to those of a movie theater, all in the comfort of your own home.

At Best of All, we strive to break the misconceptions that a home theater can bring to mind. We have a variety of systems to meet the different budgets and different needs of all our customers. Our equipment is highly sophisticated, but at the same time, user friendly.

Our staff is always available to answer concerns or questions as well as walk you through the process of enjoying all that your home system has to offer.

Twenty years of experience and first hand knowledge coupled with a unique emphasis on personal service are what set us apart from our competitors. Our goal is to make sure our customers are confortable and informed through each step of a room's transformation into a home theater or automated. The end result of our work is a truly unique experience that is designed with the customer in mind down to the smallest details. You will truly enjoy the sound, the look and feel you get from our custom installations and designs!

As professional Audio and Video installer and designer, I can greatly improve the quality of your existing home theater or equipment as well as supply you with our best recommendations for the ultimate home theater experience and automations.

Alfredo Escalada, the owner of Best of All Custom Theaters. is well known both locally and nationally. His concepts and designs have been featured in a number of well known industry related magazines. Best of All's home theaters can be found in Houston's finest homes, as well as in the homes of well known celebrities in Lake Tahoe, Palm Beach, Mexico, Chicago and New York. We also cater the finest Private Jets and Yachts as well.

Our installations can be done on a global level. Platinum references available upon request.